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The new venue for events in Skipton



Hettie's is a great place to enjoy a special night out and we've always got something goingon to entertain you too.  From live music, theatre, piano nights and 'in conversation', there is sure to be something to please everyone.


Play and Prosecco

A new concept in Skipton, out last two nights have been an absolute sell out!  Coming Soon another great night of theatre, great food and of course Prosecco!  Watch this space for details of our next night.


Live at Hettie's

A great new concept - live music and a delicious buffet.  We are planning a regular series of events supporting fantastic local artists!


In Conversation at Hettie's

Another great series of events at Hettie's - its a chance to listen to an interesting guest talking about their life, their career in an up close and personal almost chat show style.  With stand up buffet and Prosecco, we are sure you will enjoy these new evenings at Hettie's.


A venue

Hettie's great place to have a party - why Not hold your next charity event or private party here?  Ask to speak to David for more information.

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Memories.....some of our previous exceptional events at Hettie's below...

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Art at Hettie's

There's a superb exhibition of works by a local photographer on at Hettie's right now.


Pop in and see the excellent work of Lavinia Hardy - a local artist with flair and imagination who's pictures feature evoking shots of the local landscape.



We spoke to Lavinia and asked her about the collection:

These photographs have been taken over a period of two to three years in all seasons and times of day. Gaistrills is the name given to a 'strid' about half a mile up river from the Grassington bridge. The Wharfe runs through a narrow gap in the rocks, and when the water is low, all manner of wonderful limestone forms, pools and rounded sculptured holes are revealed, particularly when there is a strong low light in the late afternoon which heightens the contrast of tones and colours as the sun leaves the valley.  lf you were a frog you could hop through holes between the rock pools which may be empty or filled with the remains of receded water.

I love the sense of ancient memory held in the hollowed stone created by the passage of time by the never-ending movement of flowing water, and how it puts my human life in perspective, giving a sense of belonging to a greater whole, and interconnectedness with ever evolving Creation.

ln time I hope to create some paintings inspired by these images that somehow encapsulate the powerful shapes that could, with a change of scale, be aerial views of landscape, except that there are the odd giveaways of floating leaves, blades of grass and pebbles.

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